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The ASCEND Method for Filmmakers: Stop Selling & Start Guiding

written by David Weldon

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There are lots of training courses online that are available to guide you through almost everything.  I think the most elusive training out there is also the most talked about, and that is the topic of client relationships and creative financial value – aka how to run your business.

Filmmaking is an art and a business.  We all are putting countless hours and effort into learning how to grow the art, but how do you grow the business?  It can be difficult to find people in the industry who are willing to give their tried and true methods, but it does exist.

Let me introduce you to the Studio Sherpas.

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Ryan Koral and Matt Davis are CEO and Founder of their own successful production companies.  They have teamed up to create an online course that guides you through a step by step process of how to get the right clients for your creative business, all the way to delivering your product to the client.

I think this is the most common topic that Shane and Lydia get asked in the Inner Circle Podcast.  It’s a difficult topic to approach because it is incredibly complex and an answer isn’t just developed in a few minutes on a podcast.  We really like what Ryan and Matt have created and we think this is a great answer to the questions that approach business development, how to charge the right fee in the industry and how to manicure your clients’ needs within your budget.

Let’s break down their process.  They have built it out into a four module series:

sherpa module 1

sherpa module 2


sherpa module 3

sherpa module 4

ascend method other bonuses

ascend method also get these powerful tools

As you can see, for just under $700 for lifetime access, you will have the ability to keep these tools at your fingertips for years to come.

Learn more about the ASCEND Method by the Studio Sherpas today!

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