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Premium: Shaping and Controlling Light

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Copyright Info- Movie: The Greatest Game Ever Played, Studio: Walt Disney Studios, Director: Bill Paxton, Date: 2005

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Contains 10 minutes of video content and analysis, along with detailed lighting schematics.

You will learn:

  • How to shape light and create contrast
  • How to create shadows
  • How to use the correct shaping tools to increase your speed
  • How to create window light and the etiquette that is required
  • How to shape soft sources to give you ultimate control
  • How to shape hard light and the use of it to help your emotional story
  • How to light in layers and add levels of contrast to create a more cinematic look

Five things define cinematography: Your composition, your style, your camera motion, your placement of lights, and how you create shadow. In this article we dive deep in the art of shaping, controlling, and creating contrast in your creations.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC and his 25 plus years of experience takes you step by step through his thought process of painting with light. What tools are required and the necessary first steps are discussed in detail. Shane’s concept of lighting in layers and showing how the use of flags and light control devices can change your image immediately and enhance your cinematic quality which gets you noticed.  

Click to Buy Shaping and Controlling Light – $19.99

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