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    • One question I get asked a lot is how to choose the right focal length. Do I go long in a certain situation or do I go wide? How do you know what to choose? There are different times to employ various focal lengths – knowing when to employ each is part of the craft that is cinematography. Here’s my secret sauce for choosing whether to go long or wide in a scene.

    • Xeen 20mm Lens Overview

      August 2, 2017

      Xeen’s lineup of lenses are spectacular. They’ve hit the nail square on the head with both the look and the price point. They’re true cinema glass that people can afford to own. Xeen’s image quality is unique and beautiful. Here’s a brief look at the Xeen 20mm, specifically at its image quality, breathing, and color rendition.

    • Xeen 16MM Lens Overview

      July 19, 2017

      Today we’re taking a brief look at the new Xeen 16mm PL mount. This is a cinema lens packed into some affordable pricing. I haven’t seen anything like it out on the market. This is a piece of glass that has a unique look, comparable to some of the qualities normally found in higher end glass.

    • Welcome to our Zoom Lens Shootout! We are going to review the brand new Fujinon MK 50-135mm E Mount Cinema Zoom against the Tokina Cinema 50-135mm PL Mount Cinema Zoom. Right now, these lenses are falling into that $3,200 – $4,000 price range, which make them extremely affordable, lightweight, and flexible for most shooters – something that has been missing in our market with all the advancements in affordable tools and tech.

    • It was so great to be able to attend NAB this year. It had been a few years since I was last there. When I stopped by the Rokinon booth, I got to check out their Xeen 16mm which seemed to have some pretty low distortion, and then I got to get my hands on their new 20mm, which has incredible close focus for such a wide lens. I’m going to be putting both through their paces in an upcoming test so we’ll all know exactly what to expect out of them.

    • I just got back and can’t wait to share with you everything I got to see and experience. In the meantime, I’ll share a few bites, starting with the Xeen…

    • XEEN 135mm Lens Review

      January 11, 2017

      Comparing XEEN 135mm next to Canon Cinema Primes, Zeiss CP2s, and Cooke S4i’s reviewing color rendition, bokeh, rack focus, faces, contrast, and sharpness.

    • It’s always important to perform in depth lens tests before you shoot so you can find the right glass for your film. In this article, we are comparing Leica Summicron-C 21mm and 75mm lenses to Cooke S4 21mm and 75mm lenses.

    • Tests with the newest Leica Summilux C lenses vs. the gold standard Cooke S4s for Fathers and Daughters.