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    • Shaping light is everything when it comes to perfecting your lighting. That’s where the grips come in handy. Key Grip Dave Knudson takes you through how he shapes light in this series. Understand the basics of setting up a c-stand, how to properly set a floppy, and why a cinematographer must know how to shape light.

    • In a home, it’s very important to understand the etiquette of breakers, circuit boxes and your power needs. Eric Forand, Gaffer for Shane Hurlbut, ASC, takes you through the do’s and don’ts of household power distribution so your production can run smoothly and quickly!

    • I had a blast working with Matthews Dutti Dolly. It made our shoot day so much easier – so much so, I wanted to share it with all of you.

    • The sheepshank knot is commonly used to secure loads to trucks or trailers. It’s also used by sailors and is one of my favorite knots because it’s a knot that you can easily tie, and it is so powerful. The sheepshank knot is a trucker’s hitch on steroids.

    • One of the most powerful knots you can tie is the figure eight knot. This is the knot that you want to have if you fall off the side of a mountain. It’s also extremely useful on set because it is quick to tie and also very sturdy.

    • Shaping light can add a 3D quality to your image. In this video, I will show you how you can create a window pattern in your background to create that depth.

    • With the halfway point of the 2015 year already here, we thought it would be a great time to go back and look at some of the favorite Hurlblog posts of the year.

    • I have to say that understanding the power of knots is incredibly important, whether you are a grip, electric, camera or a DP. I have been in so many places where if I did not know the correct knot, I would have either not been able to get the shot, safely myself, make it safe for others, or lose time by asking someone else to do it.

    • When you have a small team to tell your story, you need to find lights that do many things and provide many color temps. You need some that can focus and ones that are a broad source.

    • Many of you requested information on the go to lighting package. Having a package that can do many types of lighting is the secret. Lights that can multi-task are my recipe for success.

    • A useful knot to know is the clove hitch knot. The clove hitch can grip anything, from round objects, to square objects, to rectangles, it can wrap around pretty much any shape.

    • Three weeks ago I was selected as the director for a national commercial campaign for Case Tractors. It would be my first solo directing gig after signing with the Bandito Brothers one month ago. In the commercial world, an advertising agency is hired by the client, which…

    • Episode III “Carnival” was on Day two of our four day shooting schedule. This day was a very ambitious one because we had four company moves. We started at the ranch house location, moved to meadow location, then on to the main street location for the street fight.