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CineGear: On the Couch with Nino

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

I’ve been going to Cinegear for a long time. It’s such a great opportunity to be outside, see old friends, crew members, and vendors who have helped me along in my career. Since Fathers and Daughters just wrapped a few weeks ago, I was happy to be home and able to attend.

Lydia, our daughter Kyra, and Shane Hurlbut, ASC at Cinegear

Lydia, our daughter Kyra, and Shane Hurlbut, ASC at Cinegear

This year, I was asked to speak on a panel for Canon with fellow ASC members, Steven Poster and Sam Nicholson, as well as DP Dallas Sterling to discuss the resolution debate of shooting in 4K vs 2K vs HD. We all had our own opinions on what was best, but it would be safe to say that we did agree on one thing: the story dictates individual choices we all make in terms of gear for a project.

Canon panel

On Saturday, Lydia and I had an interview with Nino Leitner. It was great to get to know Nino. We talked about what caught my eye at the show, shooting Fathers and Daughters, as well as some of the upcoming changes that readers of the Hurlblog can look forward to seeing in the next month. Thank you to Nino for a great interview and G-Technology for sponsoring the interview and giving me an awesome drive. G-drives are solid! You can watch the whole interview here:


What was cool at Cinegear?

In the short time that I had to walk the show, a number of products stood out that were innovative and fresh. Zeiss had a beautiful new line of wide angle zoom lenses that I can’t wait to try out.

I was really excited to see that Hawk recreated the coding from their 1970s lens line and applied it to their new vintage 1.3x anamorphic lenses. These lenses have a lower contrast and flare beautifully.

Hawk lenses


Zacuto had set up a viewfinder shoot out right from their booth. I loved their new Electronic View Finder, which I have on my shoulder here.


This camera housing made from Pictorvision with a Red inside looked like an awesome way to capture aerial footage while shielding the camera from harm’s way.

Pictorvision Drone

On Fathers and Daughters, Freefly Systems had given us a MoVI M10 to use with a Canon C500 and a Gemini Recorder hooked up to the back of it. At 17 lbs, it was not a light rig to carry around. At Cinegear, MoVI had an updated model of the M10, and they were also showing off their M15. I’d have to get used to using the suspension cables, but they seemed perfect in helping to take the load off.



Filmtools had these cool plastic color coded apple boxes or as they called them “Cherry Boxes.”

cherry boxes

At the Letus booth, I tried this gyro stabilized handheld device that I really liked because I could easily get to the actor’s eye level without holding the camera above my head.


Unfortunately that was all the time I had to explore. What did you see at Cinegear that caught your eye?

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Brendan June 18, 2014 at 12:51 PM

Great interview Shane!

Bob Demers June 18, 2014 at 1:25 PM

Hexolux LED lighting. Love the aesthetics of the housing, beautiful white light and powerful. ARRI L7C LED Fresnel with full spectrum RGB+W. Throw away your party pack!

Jose del C. Martinez June 19, 2014 at 2:18 PM

Well done Shane. Waiting for the new blog page here in NY. Hope to see you soon.

Ron Tyler/AFP-HD Tyler, Texas June 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM

One of the best interviews I have seen in a long time. Both Shane and Lydia are a perfect match pair for working together and very successful with every thing they do as well. The perfect psi to learn a heck of a lot from, all you have to do is pay attention. My best to the both of you and job well done.


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