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The Top 10 Hurlblog Posts of 2015

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC


With the halfway point of the 2015 year already here, we thought it would be a great time to go back and look at some of the favorite Hurlblog posts of the year.

1. Micro Four Thirds Lenses that add Cinematic Imagery to your GH4


In this post, we dive into the details on creating an image with the Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic Leica Micro Four Thirds Prime lenses. I walk you through our tests guiding you to look for the subtleties of each lens and their specific characteristics.

2. Blackmagic URSA Tests


The Blackmagic URSA has continued to be in high demand for filmmakers, even after the announcement of the URSA Mini at NAB 2015. I dive into this camera testing the original 4K URSA sensor, exposing all of its strengths and its weaknesses. Just like every camera on the market, understanding how to maximize its power will allow you to perform at your very best. I test every camera and lens lens I am considering prior to a project, which is why these tests are so important.

3. Matthews C-Stand Basics


At this point, you have all probably seen a C-Stand on a set you’ve worked on, but have you thought about why the Grips are setting a Flag over the Big Leg of the C-Stand? Maybe you didn’t realize that there are very specific ways that you should use a C-Stand to maximize its structure. I take you through the Basics of using a C-Stand in this Video Blog.

4. The Power of Shaping Hard Light


Creating depth and dimension in your imagery is key to creating a three dimensional space in your shooting environment. In this video, we dive into the details of how to shape hard light to create the look you are going for.

5. Why Do We Color? The Role of a Digital Colorist


My good friend Mark Todd Osborne goes into detail on what it means to be a Digital Colorist in today’s digital filmmaking world. Mark was our colorist for Need For Speed, and he is talented.

6. How Do You Charge as a Filmmaker?


I think the most common question that both Lydia and I get asked is, “How do I charge for my services as a filmmaker?” That’s a tough question to answer, but we feel it is important for you to understand your value and your worth in this world. Lydia dives into the details of what you should think about as you’re promoting your work in the industry

7. The Best Kept Secret of the Inner Circle


When we launched Shane’s Inner Circle, I wanted to find a way to take you “On Set” with me every day. So I created a segment of articles called “On Set with Shane.” In the first series of these articles, I have taken you on set of Fathers and Daughters with me. Each day I found myself putting together a different look, feel, and piece of the story that was different from the day before. I talk about the planning I did with my team all the way through each day’s execution.

8. RED Dragon Test Part 1 Basics


As I geared up for my latest project, I was interested in shooting with the RED Dragon (and eventually the RED Weapon) and I wanted to put this camera through a rigorous test to truly see what it would look like. In this Basics blog post, I dive into the details of how I like to expose the RED Dragon. This is a smaller post compared to the Advanced version within Shane’s Inner Circle.

9. Strategies in Filmmaking: Michael Cioni’s “Golden Nuggets”


Michael Cioni was gracious enough to be the keynote speaker for our educational event that we held at Revolution Cinema Rentals on May 9th this year. Michael talks about various portions of the digital landscape in the industry, providing keen insight to topics of the industry that we may not all think about on a day-to-day basis, but we should! We have more of Michael’s presentation coming soon. So if you haven’t seen this series, get caught up now and dive in as more comes out!

10. How to Expose Your Canon Cinema EOS Platform for Filmmakers


Many of you have asked how I expose my imagery with the Canon Cinema EOS platform. I decided to give some insight from our larger post within Shane’s Inner Circle on Exposing your Canon Cinema EOS Platform. This is a strong post showcasing the power of the Canon sensor and how to get your skintone detail exactly right for your project.

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