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Expand Your Storytelling Knowledge at the Global Cinematography Institute’s™ Expanded Cinematography® Classes

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

By Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Growing as a Filmmaker takes an incredible amount of time and practice to become a master of the art.  We have worked closely with the Global Cinematography Institute and their efforts to teach on “Expanded Cinematography.”  I wanted to introduce you to their upcoming workshop as Yurn Neyman, ASC tells us more about what is coming up at the end of November.  

From Yuri Neyman, ASC

Do you know what “Expanded Cinematography”® is? If you’ve never heard of it, you will, and in the upcoming years this will be a standard skill for all cinematographers to know.

A key component of Expanded Cinematography® is the fusion between traditional cinematography and the new horizons of image creation made possible in the realms of VFX, Virtual Production, CGI, Previs, Digital Lighting and more.

GCI - Global cinematography institute

In Global Cinematography Institute’s™ Expanded Cinematography® Courses students take classes on Lighting and Composition with some of the world’s best cinematographers including members of the ASC, IMAGO, and many other prestigious cinematographer societies, in conjunction with Previs, Virtual Cinematography, Digital Lighting, and Virtual Reality as a way to connect the concepts taught in other “traditional” courses (Lighting, Composition, etc.), with the current reality of cinematography.

Moving forward, the role of Previs, Virtual Production, etc. will continue to grow and cinematographers must be prepared to adapt to this new technological reality.

Global Cinematography Institute™ and its “Expanded Cinematography”® Program is the only program teaching this new, innovative way of preparing DPs for the present stage of cinematography as well as all future trends.

Gci - global cinematography institute

This further development of the Cinematographer profession, positions the DP as an – Artist – Designer – Technologist who is able to able to solve the problems created by the need for complex imagery in all genres of cinematography.

A very unique portion of GCI is their expanded reach in the filmmaking community. Each session brings in some of the top cinematographers working today. The upcoming session (Nov 27th – Dec 11) will include guest teachers:

-Dean Cundey, ASC – Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Halloween

-Rob Legato, ASC – Titanic, Hugo, The Jungle Book

-Mark Weingartner, ASC – Dunkirk, Instersteller, The Dark Knight Trilogy

-Christopher Probst – Music Videos for Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Eminem, Lady Gaga

GCI - Global cinematography instiute

If you can’t make the November Session, don’t miss their upcoming classes beginning in February (Feb 19th – Mar 4th) and April (Apr 28th – May 11th).

You can find out more on the GCI Website as to what each Level offers. (Learn More Here)

The next Level 1 Course starts on November 27th. Apply Here.


  • Expanded Cinematography® Curriculum
  • Hands-On Lighting Classes And Assignments
  • Experience With The Latest Technologies
  • Expert Instruction And Feedback
  • Mentorship With Master Cinematographers


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