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Top 10 Hurlblog Posts of 2013

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Happy New Year to everyone from the Hurlbut Visuals team!

We had a great 2013, highlighted by our 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you as always to my wife, Lydia. A big portion of the year was dedicated to shooting Need for Speed for DreamWorks. Expect it in theaters starting March 14, 2014. We’ll have more to show and tell in the coming months. A big thank you to you, who make what we do worth it by reading and commenting on the blog and social media. I always appreciate your input and interaction.

And now here’s a look at our top 10 most popular blog posts of 2013.

1. Turning the Blackmagic Cinema Camera into a Movie Making Machine

Director Scott Waugh and Shane Hurlbut, ASC using the MCS 2.0 ShoulderCam

Blackmagic graciously supplied a camera for testing. We pushed and pulled this baby to see when it would break as well as where it excelled.


2. Blackmagic Camera Post Workflow

New Proxy file for editing

We look at some workflow options for getting both the CinemaDNG and ProRes files out of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and into the NLE of your choice.


3. Training Your Eye – Lighting for Cinematographers

Reading the Fill

Many say that the light meter is dead with digital. I disagree. It is the only tool that you have in your box that can measure what you love.


4. Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension with your HD Video

Kirsten and Jay in the car driving. Love the off frame. Teenager style.

Lighting so that you can tell your stories with realism and accurate color temp.


5. Digital Cinematography vs Film: Tides are Turning

Black Magic Design Cinema Camera

As I embarked on a long creative, exciting journey on Need for Speed with DreamWorks, I wanted to share some of my findings from a five day camera test that pushed every camera to its breaking point.


6. Blackmagic Cinema Camera Tests

Blackmagic Cinema Camera tests

With the price decrease on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, new functions, firmware upgrades and the anticipated delivery of the Pocket Cam, I thought it would be perfect timing to run more of the tests that I did for Need for Speed.


7. Lighting Day Exteriors

Side Light

Lighting day exteriors is as much about choosing the right time as it is about your manipulation of the daylight.


8. How Lenses Assist in Storytelling: Part One

Helmet Cam

The lens’ traits can help tell your story. The look and feel of lenses, their characteristics of color and contrast rendition, are all relevant factors.


9. Arri Alexa vs. Canon C500: Part One

Arri Alexa vs. Canon C500

Here is the first of a three part series on the Arri Alexa vs. the Canon C500 in camera tests for Need for Speed.


10. Canon 1D C Internal 4K Workflow

Canon 1DC

Many people have asked about how I am processing these huge files from the Canon 1D C and its powerful 4K in camera capture. Here is how we roll it out.

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