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Lighting Techniques Bundle

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Click to Buy Lighting Techniques Bundle – $89.97 (Total value $160)

If you are an Inner Circle member please contact [email protected] before purchasing for a special discount.

This bundle includes 10 articles, over 2 hours of videos, illustrated diagrams and behind the scenes photos on lighting techniques and includes the following lessons:

  • C-Stands Advanced: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Lighting (Total run time 14:45)
  • How Light Quality Changes Your Mood and Tone (Total run time 23:38)
  • The Power of Bounce Light (Total run time 18:54)
  • Shaping Light Is Everything for Cinematographers (Total run time 4:04)
  • Tips to make you more confident on lighting your creations (full article) (Total run time 26:00)
  • Top Light – The 360 Degree Shotmaker (Total run time 6:43)
  • Understanding how to match your practical light with colored bounce sources (Total run time 11:57)
  • When To Use a Fill Light (Total run time 15:14)
  • Where to Place Your Key Light: The Art of Cinematography (Total run time 9:15)
  • The Why and How of Lighting for Three Cameras (Total run time 16:43)

Get inside Shane’s “lighting playbook,” in which he details how to use lighting essentials for creating and sustaining a compelling story. Two things define cinematography: Where you place the light, and how you create shadow and separation. The first stroke of lighting is the key light, the light that exposes the face, the space. This is where you always begin because where you place the key light dictates where you place your camera. Learning the art of creative lighting is an essential core of Shane’s Inner Circle. What this bundles does is give you the why you would use a specific quality and quantity of light along with the practical aspects of understanding the fundamentals which are the Art of Cinematography. Know the rules, know the boundaries so that you can go out there and break them. As the great Charlie Parker said, “Study music, learn everything you can. Then forget all that shit and just play.”


Click to Buy Lighting Techniques Bundle – $89.97 (Total value $160)


All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

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