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Registration for Stillmotion’s Muse Program Is Open Again!

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC


We are excited to announce that our friends at Stillmotion have unveiled three new Muse online courses aimed at individual types of filmmakers — Commercial, Wedding, and Documentary. (Read the Hurlblog review of the original storytelling Muse program here.) With Muse, you get lifetime access to guides who provide direction and answer questions, peer groups to network, ideate, and provide motivation, and digital tools to enhance your learning and enable you to easily put muse into practice.

Muse is an easy-to-implement framework that looks at particular elements of people, places, plot, and purpose to uncover truths, create connection and meaning, and engage audiences. It empowers “Musers” to be passionate about their work, share their vision, and speak to people’s conflict. And now when you join Muse, you will get a package in the mail containing a canvas Muse poster and a $100+ page printed book. Both tools are great for helping guide your learning and collaborating with your team and clients.

Anyone registering by today (January 15) will automatically also receive their new Business Side Story course for free ($97.00 value). Head over to learnstory.org to check it out.

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