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Muse Storyteller: The Hurlbut’s Story

written by David Weldon

Every now and again you’re approached with an idea that is simply so good you wish you would have thought of it yourself. That’s what happened when Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling approached me with the idea to tell the story of Shane and Lydia.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. It truly is a remarkable story, one everyone should hear—especially our readers here and on Shane’s Inner Circle. After all, you are the reason this site exists. You follow Shane’s work, learning from his expertise as he supports your journey—so why shouldn’t you be privy to his?


So, though it wasn’t our idea, we were beyond excited to help document Shane and Lydia’s journey. We agreed and the team at Muse Storytelling started building the story inside their newly developed software, Muse Storybuilder.

I was super intrigued by how the story was coming together so I asked to see what Storybuilder could do before it even launched publically.

So right before my eyes, they built the story of Shane and Lydia and now they’d like to share it with you. It’s a side of Shane and Lydia you haven’t seen before.

They’ve also got a pretty incredible launch offer for Storybuilder, the software that brought the story together. You can check it out here. But they’ve provided something even cooler for our readers. Once you’ve purchased the software, just email [email protected] (Annabel’s the producer on this project) and she’ll invite you to view the story as they continue building it out.



You’ll be able to provide feedback, ask questions, and see some of the potential plot points—moments that might not end up making it into the final film. Then when they’re shooting it in Los Angeles, they’ll be inviting some of the folks who’ve been inside Storybuilder witnessing the development of the story to join on set in helping bring it to life.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Storybuilder Launch Special, just head on over here. You’ll get a 1-year subscription to Muse Storybuilder, an offline Storytelling Toolkit, as well as lifetime access to their learning platform. Regularly $671 US, you can get the whole bundle for just $497 US until May 31st at Midnight, PST. Check it out!

Without further ado, here’s a pretty-damn amazing demo of Storybuilder being used to craft the personal story of Shane and Lydia. (Watch the video above.)


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