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Prep. Block. Light. Shoot. – 3 Day Filmmaking Workshop

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC


Over the last two years, I have received tremendous feedback from filmmakers within the Inner Circle, from the Illumination Experience Tour (Workshop & Masterclass in 2014) as well as during my time on set meeting new crew members. The feedback has always been the same “Shane, why don’t you do more?!”

Ok, you want more. You’re going to get it.

November Workshop

Instructing in person has become something that I absolutely love. It’s a personal connection, one-on-one. It’s just something you cannot get from an online video or podcast. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy interacting with many of you on our Inner Circle Facebook group, through Instagram posts and Twitter, but you just can’t beat the one-on-one connection.

Recently, we moved the entire Hurlbut Visuals team into a new location in Burbank, upgrading from our small facility in San Fernando, to a much larger space that now has a stage space. We wanted to move into a building that would allow for us to shoot larger camera tests, to have flexibility to build sets to create scene work for Inner Circle content and most importantly, to begin to host in person Workshops when I am in Los Angeles and not on a movie.

I have always tried to push myself in my career as a working Cinematographer to try new avenues and explore the depths of storytelling. It is what motivates me to create and suffer for the art. Over these last 7 years of building the Hurlblog and now the Inner Circle, I can see that having more opportunities to instruct in person is going to make a tremendous impact on your lives.

Shane instructs the team on how to light car interiors

Shane instructs the team on how to light car interiors

About two weeks ago, we completed our first workshop here in Burbank. We did a “soft-launch” so to speak on these workshops by opening it up to some members of the Inner Circle to sign up and take in the experience. We took the time to capture some of the material, shooting with behind-the-scenes cameras, which is a lot of what you have been seeing on my social media accounts over the last few days. I thought I would give you a little sneak-peek taste of it all.
Here are some of the highlights from our past October Workshop:

Firing up the 18k with @shanehurlbutasc #sicoctworkshop @randypanado @jemleykenato #r3d #setlife #productionlife #filming #dop

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One of our Inner Circle members who came had this to say:
“October workshop was amazing. He had some top level talent crewing the set and I learned not only from Shane, but from his crew as well. Being able to pick the brains of guys who have been on large Hollywood sets and who have been in the business for collective over 75 years (and this was just Shane and his key grip and electric) was invaluable. I could go on and on about all the great things I learned (how to rig a car, light a green screen several ways, night shooting, etc) though simply put, if you’d like to supercharge your growth, get to the next one. To give you an idea of some of the distances traveled, there were two guys from Japan, another gentleman from Netherlands, a bunch of east coast peeps, and a mate from England. It’s definitely worth the investment of time and money. Thanks again to Shane, Lydia, and the entire HV team for a kick ass workshop!” – Randy Pndo
It was an incredible experience for me as well, to have all of these attendees ready to learn. It all comes down to being able to make a difference in answering that small little question about a setup from one of their shoots or an idea they have had for a long time. With my schedule, it is difficult to make time to do in person workshops, but Lydia and I really wanted to make this possible. This is why we are doing another workshop November 11th, 12th and 13th.

I’m looking to do another feature film at the start of 2017 and we don’t know what the rest of the year will look like. It’s the movie business, baby, you’ve got to adapt to its moves as they happen!

Our Green Screen Setup on the workshop

Our Green Screen Setup on the workshop

Nearing the end of day 3 of #SICOctWorkshop #HVStudios #bts #onset #setlife @reddigitalcinema

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Our November workshop (November 11th, 12th, 13th) will be very similar to this past October. We are going to be focusing on:

  • How to Light Night Interiors
  • How to Light for Green Screen/Blue Screen
  • How to Block a Scene
  • Power Distribution, Cables and Generators
  • Working with HMI Lighting, LED Lighting and Tungsten Lighting
  • Shaping Light with Flags and Light Control Devices
  • Prepping Your Camera Package as a Camera Operator and Assistant
  • Setting up a “Poor Man’s” Process Trailer for shooting with Cars
  • Lighting A Car Interior

The big thing about putting this all together and dealing with a quality education is really having the tools of the trade, and we’re going through all of that as well as composition, blocking, lighting with HMIs, what light to use and why… We have every light, every generator, every possible distro, and all the rigging to be able to pull this off!

Sign Up for the November Workshop

If you are interested in signing up for the November workshop, click on the image below to take you through the process.  Seats are filling up fast and this is open to both “Shane’s Inner Circle” members and non-members.  Inner Circle members do receive a discount for the workshop by contacting [email protected]



See you there!




Inner Circle video edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

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