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Shane’s Inner Circle Sampler: The Essentials

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Click to Buy Shane’s Inner Circle Sampler: The Essentials – $89.97 (Total value $284.82)

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This bundle includes 10 Articles, over 1.5 hours of videos.

  • Camera – Tricks to Modify Your GoPro to Get Results like Need for Speed (Total run time 4:46)
  • Camera – Exposing Your Canon Cinema EOS Camera Platform (Total run time 26:45)
  • Lighting Techniques – Shaping Light Is Everything for Cinematographers (Total run time 4:04)
  • Lighting Techniques – Where to Place Your Key Light: The Art of Cinematography (Total run time 9:15)
  • Lighting Techniques – When To Use a Fill Light (Total run time 15:14)
  • Lighting Techniques – Tips to make you more confident on lighting your creations (Full Video) (Total run time 25:00)
  • Film Theory – Set Up Your Story in the First Three Minutes: Expansive Intimacy
  • Film Theory – Location Scouting For Filmmakers (Total run time 5:04)
  • Podcast – Cinematography: A little of everything from career advice to LED lighting
  • Podcast – Cinematography: Finding Your Visual Rhythm

If you are you looking for the essentials to start your journey with Shane’s Inner Circle content, this set of twelve articles, instructional videos, podcasts, illustrated diagrams and behind the scenes photos will get you up to speed with grounding principles and techniques. This is an experience that you can’t find anywhere else online. Take a journey through Shane’s career as he shares his learning process and the issues he faces currently on set.

Click to Buy Shane’s Inner Circle Sampler: The Essentials – $89.97 (Total value $284.82)


All videos were edited on HP Z840 workstations using HP Z24x DreamColor monitors.

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