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Sherri Kauk, The Shooter’s Playbook: Man-To-Man, Zone Coverage & Moving Your Feet

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

We introduced Sherri Kauk to you with the first three videos of her presentation on “The Shooter’s Playbook.” We are continuing with the next three parts of her presentation.

Sherri is an accomplished Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Gaffer. We are incredibly thrilled to showcase Sherri’s work as a talented female Director of Photography as a part of Hurlbut Visuals’ commitment to supporting Women in Film. In 2013, Sherri won at the Madrid International and Tenerife Festivals for Painstaking (2013). She was awarded a finalist at Carmel for Greed (2012). Her work can be found on her website here: http://www.sherrikauk.com

Sherri first came to me as an intern years ago and her commitment was like no other. She came on two of my features, Something New and Into the Blue as an electrician, and she has since operated for me on various projects.

Sherri has spent a lot of time on set moving her way through the camera department working on feature length films (both narrative and documentary) as well as television projects. Sherri’s presentation covers her work and style as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator, diving into the finer details of her approach to capturing the story with the camera and her lighting choices.

Sherri’s Reel

#4. Man-to-Man

#5. Zone Coverage

#6. Move Your Feet

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