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SIC Preview: Rosco Diffusion Series Part 5: Grids

written by Shane Hurlbut, ASC

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You will learn:

  • Test results: 1/4 Grid Cloth, 1/2 Silent Grid Cloth, Full Grid Cloth diffusions.
  • What the characteristics of the grid clothes are.
  • Understanding when and why to apply which grid diffusion.
  • Seeing how grid diffusions affect light levels and color temperature.
  • How grid diffusion affects your light source.
  • Utilizing grid diffusions to create an even source.
  • How each grid diffusion affects your shadows and the skin of your subject.
  • How each grid diffusion stacks up against each other.
  • Applying false colors to see the differences in the grid diffusion.
  • Understanding how to maintain your lighting ratio when using thicker grid diffusion.

Diffusion has been a part of the filmmaking arsenal for years! Before there was a vast selection like we have today, we would utilize what was called Tough Spun. Once filmmakers started experimenting with other materials, we eventually got what is Grid Cloth today, a quality light diffuser with a level of durability for the field. Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through the different types of grids, how they affect your light, and what to be careful of so you will know appropriate applications for your projects.

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