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Snaptrack Cinerails Camera Dolly System

written by Cooper J


Are you just starting out in the film industry? Are you a News Shooter? A one-man band? Want to add some movement to your film or your interview? Then we have found an affordable dolly solution for you.

The system is simple and innovative. It can accommodate many lightweight tripods and it folds up for easy transport and storage. You can even pack it all in a suitcase if you’re flying out for a shoot.



The Snaptrack is made from PVC pipe with specially bored holes that snap perfectly together with a 10’+ section of 3/4” PVC. What separates it from the pack is the option to curve your track.


Creator Danny Dodge added a rope ratchet to the kit in order to bend the PVC. The dolly has pivoting wheels that allow it to navigate the curve.

The system is designed to handle lightweight camera set ups, though if you add an additional seven Snaptracks to your ten-foot track it can handle up to a 70 lbs. payload.

The system isn’t perfect. After all, you are rolling on PVC and it is sometimes challenging to level on uneven ground. A little patience and practice may be required with the system to get the desired effect.

Here’s Danny demonstrating how the track works:

Another interesting feature is their ADtrack connectors. They let you link several sections of PVC so you can theoretically create whatever length track you’d like.




The required PVC is a few bucks each, pricing varies depending on the time of year.



The Snaptrack Cinerails System is a great bargain and a simple solution if you have minimal crew or are traveling and in need of dolly shots. You can pack the kit up into a bag and take it on a plane. You’ll just need to pick up some PVC pipes when you get to your destination, which is very affordable.


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