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Solo Creative Podcast with Lydia Hurlbut

written by Lydia Hurlbut
Ron Dawson

Ron Dawson

By Lydia Hurlbut

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to spend time with Ron Dawson of the Solo Creative Podcast on Dare Dreamer FM. I first met Ron when we launched our Master Cinema Series line of gear in 2011 at the launch party. Ron and I were seated near one another at dinner and had a great conversation about family and filmmaking.

It is always a joy to spend time with Ron. He is a passionate independent filmmaker and making his mark in the world of business. Ron is constantly raising the bar through his authenticity and wisdom. The content and design behind the Solo Creative Podcast brings an original, thoughtful, compelling approach to telling the stories of the filmmakers and industry professionals who are invited on as guests. I am so grateful to be a part of this podcast to share the Hurlbut Visuals story of our creation and where we are today.

The podcast is designed for the creative entrepreneur based on what Ron thought was important to know in business with actionable ideas. The range of topics include: branding, sales, marketing, social media, and productivity. He dives deeply into listening, storytelling, focus and what is important to grow as a filmmaker. Communication, managing expectations and understanding your creative strengths are a few of the specific items that Ron and I discuss.

Professionals from the field of graphic design, filmmaking, video production, photography, marketing, social media and branding are the guests each week. If you are looking for a podcast to subscribe to on iTunes to add to your daily routine, the Solo Creative is a must. The discussions are lively and fun. Please enjoy.


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