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About Shane HurlbutThe story of Lydia and Shane began at 3 years old in the tiny village of Aurora, New York. This is a love story about true soul mates and filled with twists, turns, creativity, selfless devotion and true love. It begins in 1967, when Lydia’s Dad, Richard, the village clergyman, went to serve communion to Shane’s housebound grandmother. As a single parent raising Lydia in the 1970’s, she went with her father on most house and hospital calls. Lydia and Shane went to the same grade school and high school but didn’t pay attention to one another very much as they were one grade apart in school.


About Shane Hurlbut

Shane was a star athlete playing soccer, basketball and baseball. Lydia was active in the school band and drama club, acting in a variety of plays and President of the National Honor Society. The play Oklahoma changed everything when Lydia and Shane were matched as dancing partners, and they first fell in love. Shane followed Lydia to Boston for college and asked her to marry him.


The couple then moved to Los Angeles where Lydia worked as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital and supported Shane in his film career, which began for him as a grip truck driver. As Shane moved from gripping to gaffing to Director of Photography, Lydia was ever present in his career. She kept his calendar, booked jobs and invoiced jobs before Shane had an agent. When Lydia decided to pursue her dream of forensics, death investigation and learning to profile serial killers at the University of Virginia, Shane drove with her across country and the couple commuted for one year so Lydia could get a Masters Degree in Forensics.


About Shane HurlbutA few years later, Richard noticed that Lydia was studying online marketing and entrepreneurial options. He had the idea to focus her efforts on Shane’s unique genius with lighting, storytelling combined with his technical innovations on set.


In 2009, the initial result of “branding Shane” was Hurlbut Visuals and the Hurlblog.


As members of the blog community asked for more depth, Shane and Lydia created the Inner Circle in August of 2014.


This love story that began with two soul mates has expanded to include an entire film community and is filled with endless support, dedication and devotion.